Introducing the Vladimir raincoat. Caring, protective, fair and supportive. Available in 100 pieces only. 15% of the profit from your purchase will be donated to an international GLBTQ organisation working for right and equality for all people. Please click here to read a statement from our founder Alexander Stutterheim about why he decided to create this coat.

The coat has snap closures, drawstrings and exemplifies both versatility and durability in its updated design. Using the finest craftsmanship, materials and details, the Vladimir coat has undergone testing both at sea and in the city. Each coat is individually quality-controlled by our skilled seamstress.
The Arholma coat was inspired by my grandad's raincoat. However, my grandad's coat was not stitched and taped, it had welded seams. The Vladimir raincoat references the original raincoat and is welded (actually double welded). It also has no separate lining, just the rubberized thick cotton, making it a leaner version of the Arholma. As the Vladimir raincoat comes with a lot of different colors - each color is actually welded on to the color next to it to create the final result that you see.
The raincoat is unisex with a fairly straight and slim fit. If you're often likely to wear a suit underneath, do consider sizing up. Keep in mind that the sizes are mens’ sizes. Please use our virtual size guide located next to the product.

You can also get help from our size chart.
70% cotton, 30% polyester, rubberized coating.
Buttons metal, strings 100% cotton.
Designed in Stockholm, Sweden.
Made in Poland.

If the garment is dirty or has stains first try using a wet cloth and soap. If stains don’t come out the garment may be machine washed in maximum 40 degrees only on the setting designed for delicate items.
Use only liquid laundry soap.
Do not use softener or bleach.
Do not tumble dry and only dry the garment flat.

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