A cape made of rubberized cotton for biking and walks on rainy days. Inspired by the Lydia cape, but in a rawer and rougher version, with straps on the inside for cycling.

Sorry, this product is currently out of stock and can't be bought online right now. Please, check with your closest Stutterheim retailer to see if they still have the product in stock.
The rubberized raincoat Öland is inspired by the Lydia cape, but this is a rougher, rawer and more bike-oriented cape, since it has straps inside to hold the cape down when cycling. It also has a specially-designed hood, allowing riders to take a quick look around the sides when biking. The cape has doubled-welded seams, a thick waterproof outer layer with cotton lining and hidden front buttons made in copper. It comes in one size fits all. Öland is one of the most beautiful islands in Sweden, by the way.
The Öland rain cape comes only in One-size, with a total length from neck to bottom of 71cm.

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