Hi all,

I live in Sweden, and having lived here all my life there are rights that I’ve seen growing ever stronger year by year in this beautiful country. I’m talking about human rights for the GLBTQ-groups. We call them a minority, but they are really our sisters and our brothers. They live and work around us and with us, but on top of dealing with all the normal stuff life likes to toss our way, in terms of setbacks, they have to fight for something as basic as just being allowed to exist and to live the way they want to – without threats, denigrating comments or judgmental looks.

I want to celebrate these people that never seem to stop spreading the message of love and equal worth. Things have improved in some places – but in other places the climate is hardening and rights we take for granted have been revoked. GLBTQ people all around the world are risking their lives just by being who they are. In some countries they risk imprisonment, or even a death sentence, just for showing their love.

We must keep standing up for our brothers and sisters. Together we can make the world a better place. On July 7 we will launch an exclusive rainbow raincoat: Vladimir. There will be 100 coats available, and 15% of the profit will be donated to an international GLBTQ organisation working for right and equality for all people. The price for Vladimir is $440.

From Sweden with love.

Alexander Stutterheim with team