The Award

In order to celebrate the inner and outer demons we annually award The Most Melancholic Person of The Year. The winner shall be a genius example of how melancholy and creativity goes together and are dependent on each other. Too long people feeling blue have accused themselves of having this embarrassing issue in their life, as if there were something wrong with feeling blue.

We instead think it´s a healthy sign that shows the capacity to feel and embrace a full range of emotions and spurs people with that extra talent to create things. In short, we want to contribute to, and celebrate, people who combine melancholy and creativity with an award and also open a dialogue wherein feeling blue is fine.

For 2014 the great singer & songwriter Ane Brun received the prize at a party held in our garden in Vitabergsparken.

Earlier Winners of the award

  • 2010: El Perro del Mar
  • 2011: Plura Jonsson
  • 2012: Bodil Malmsten
  • 2013: No one melancholic enough to win
  • 2014: Ane Brun

As we reach out over the world with our mission described above it is our ambition to award someone that is known all over the globe in 2015. If you have suggestions feel free to drop us an email from our contact page.