About Us

Designed in Stockholm, made in Europe

Founded on what we recall being a grey and rainy day in Stockholm in 2010, STUTTERHEIM was born out of the ambition to, not only keep Swedes dry — but to combine modern Scandinavian design with European craftsmanship. Since then we have evolved into a Swedish lifestyle brand that draws inspiration from the urban landscape of Stockholm and keeps large parts of the globe dry in all weather. As our markets are growing, every product is still designed and prototyped in our atelier in Stockholm, where we evaluate, refine and redesign — to keep an aesthetic that has a strong modern identity. The manufacturing of our products is located in Europe, keeping production as local as possible, without compromising on quality.

Today, under the leadership of Lee Cotter, Creative Director & CEO, the brand will continue the concept of well-made, durable products, staying true to our design ethos — to create modern classics that last, outliving trends and harsh weather alike.

Swedish Melancholy At Its Driest

At our headquarters in Stockholm, inspiration comes to us in abundance — there is no shortage of rainy days, cloudy skies, dark and moody weather. The same Nordic bleakness that has inspired famed melancholics such as August Strindberg and Ingmar Bergman inspires the garments we design, with care for the fragile Scandinavian disposition. Combining practicality with style, we create timeless pieces that are both modern, classic and functional. With a defiant attitude towards the elements (“there is no bad weather, only bad clothing”), Swedes have long ago learned to adapt our style and wardrobe to our unforgiving climate — it is this defiance that is deeply embedded at the root of every Swede and at the core of STUTTERHEIM as a brand.

The Original Premium Raincoat

The archipelago outside of Stockholm and beyond is Sweden’s pride and joy. Tens of thousands of islands of varying sizes make up this unique landscape that strikes a chord inside each Swede, reminding us of our strong ties to nature. It is on one of these islands that the idea of the premium raincoat was born – a vision of a coat that could stand the test of time as well as harsh weather. The island of Arholma became the inspiration for this vision – with its bleak landscape made up of grey, stony shores and its history tied to war and seafaring. Arholma, the coat, was at the beginning of its existence produced in small quantities, handmade in Stockholm, exclusively in black – matching the tone of Swedish melancholy. Production has since moved to continental Europe and the range of colours has broadened – not everybody embraces darkness as well as Swedes. Constructed in our signature 530-gram, 100% waterproof PVC-coated fabric and featuring tailored details, this is a legacy piece that will last a lifetime – even two or three.