How to Style Rain Boots for Men

The classic rain boots in our menswear collection, Chelsea Rainwalkers, are the perfect complement to a waterproof wardrobe. With a sleek silhouette and water-averting surface, these wellies are well-deserving of a top placement among your wardrobe staples.


Wearing Waterproof

@elizhacolquitt has maximised the waterproof potential of an outfit with this ensemble. Wearing STUTTERHEIM from top to toe, he looks causally cool while staying dry. The Chelsea Rainwalkers in Oyster/Black is matched with a light-coloured Svea Bag and black Vanadis Trousers, while a yellow Stockholm raincoat completes the fit.

Keen on Green

@uiriamu_noru keeps it simple yet interesting with a look using only three colours; black, white and green. His Chelsea Rainwalkers in Green/Black are matched perfectly with the Stockholm Long raincoat and Svea Bag in a similar hue, while the off-white cargo pants and sweater act as a canvas for the green to take centre stage.


Proud in Print

@kevinlivrent isn’t shy about his fashion choices. Clad in the Stockholm Long Print raincoat with the STUTTERHEIM logo splayed across the back, there is no doubt about it. Matched with a Svea Bag and Chelsea Rainwalkers, both in black and matching the colour of the coat, he has created a look that combines refinement with boldness.

Sporty Sophistication

By combining a smart designer shirt with sporty parachute pants, @rakatheeeo creates a look that serves sophistication and sport in equal measure. It illustrates the greatness of Chelsea Rainwalkers – they are both stylish and practical and as suitable in the office as on the woodland walk.


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