Mini Opal Aloe

¥12 650.00(¥25 300.00)


Stockholm Mini Opal is constructed from our unique high-gloss midweight 280 gram rubberised cotton with thermally welded seams for complete water and wind protection. The cotton & poly membrane is durable and supple, complemented by extra-durable metal buttons. We use hotfoil printing for the inner labels to ensure no-friction. You get all the same quality and style of our classic adult raincoats, but made suitable for kids. This includes the removal of drawstrings on the hood for safety, and stringent checks to ensure our materials all exceed the standards set out by the REACH agreement. Designed in Stockholm, made by hand in Europe.


We recommend that our customers strictly follow our care instructions to ensure product quality.

  • If the garment is dirty or has stains first try using a wet cloth and soap. If stains don’t come out, the garment may be machine washed at maximum 30 degrees, only on the setting for delicate items.
  • Use only liquid laundry soap.
  • Dry hanging.
  • Do not use softener of bleach.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • We recommend careful use of leather and darker denim together with our raincoats, as to avoid staining from other materials.


When not in use, we recommend storing your raincoat hanging. Avoid hanging next to garments made of leather or darker denim, as to avoid staining from other materials.