Origin Story - The Mosebacke Raincoat

While shooting our latest Core Collection campaign, we got a sudden urge to know more about the story behind our classic raincoat for women. We turned to our CEO, Lee Cotter, for the in-depth origin story of Mosebacke.

Mosebacke was developed after our raincoat Stockholm gained worldwide popularity among women as well as men – we realized we needed a more feminine design to complement the straight-fitting coats in our waterproof range. Thus, much like Eve was created from Adam’s rib, Mosebacke was born out of the same design principles as Stockholm but with its own unique silhouette.

The A-line silhouette was invented in 1955 by Christian Dior, when he launched a collection of dresses that were close-fitting at the top and then flared out, creating a dramatic shape reminiscent of a capital letter A. Keeping with tradition, Mosebacke is form-fitting over the shoulders, with narrow-fit sleeves, and flares out from underneath the bust. Apart from looking fab, this iconic shape is much better suited to female shapes and curves than a straight-fitting coat.

Speaking of iconic, Mosebacke has been worn by icons such as Julia Roberts, Chloë Grace Moretz and Selena Gomez. And the name, “Mosebacke” comes from an iconic spot on top of a hill in Stockholm (after all, hills are nature’s A-line silhouettes…) and has nothing to do with moose – in contradiction to popular belief.

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