How to Style Your Mosebacke Raincoat

Mosebacke is our classic A-line raincoat for women. Available in both regular and long versions and in a wide range of colours, it is a versatile garment that goes with any type of style or situation – here are five looks to prove it.

Queen in Green

Take inspirations from @liv.ishak who’s looking like a spring queen in our SS24 colour Seafoam Green in Mosebacke Long Zip and Stylist bag, brilliantly matched with Jarla trousers and Beckholmen bucket hat in Matte Green.


@yulia_hayek knows how to brighten up a grey day – by channeling Barbiecore with our SS24 colour Bubblegum in a matching raincoat and hat. Add a bit of streetwear-vibe with cargo pants and chunky boots and you’ve got a contemporary twist on Barbie’s girly style.

Colour Contrasts

With a dark brown base and pops of pastel, @nikeanniya creates an outfit of contrasts. Fickle spring weather is full of contradictions, so it’s only fitting to wear an ensemble that reflects that – and you’ll look good too, in a cute-aggression sort of way.

Pink Print

An outfit Molly Ringwald herself would approve of. In a Mosebacke Long Print Matte Black with a pink back print that matches her Jarla trousers and Biblio bag in the SS24 colour ‘Bubblegum’ – @remarkable__jade is definitely pretty in pink.

Office Attire Appropriate

Our Mosebacke Long Opal in black looks great matched with a neutral beige set on Sabine, aka @disco_forest. The soft colours and materials contrast nicely with the dark and shiny Opal finish and black accessories. The wide-cut trousers and knitted top with shirt-like details add a business-like feel to the look – paired with the raincoat it makes the outfit perfect office attire on a rainy day.


Sporty Chic

Make Mosebacke Long in Light Sand sporty chic with simple accessorising – pair with an oversized shirt, shorts, sneakers, tube socks and a cap for the complete look. Keep it neutral like @berkeleyloh or add a splash of colour with a statement handbag like @maroobii_, aka Maria Panteli, to make the outfit really pop on grey days.

Smart Casual

Take a cue from @madireimer and style Mosebacke in Light Sand with a classic, timeless look for a casual walk in the park. You can’t go wrong with a pair of blue jeans and a chic off-white linen top – and with a STUTTERHEIM raincoat, the weather can’t go wrong either.


Streetwear Style

Go bold in a colourful streetwear get-up for your next dog walk in the style of Rebecca-Jo Dunham-Baruchel, aka What’s more y2k cool than baggy pants, a bucket hat and dogs as accessories?

Duochrome Dress

Do it like the dynamic duo @twiceblessed_ and pair up for a duochrome styling opportunity with Mosebacke Long in Black and Light Sand. Matching your raincoat with contrast-coloured garments (and twinning up while doing it) is a sure way to turn a few heads under their umbrellas.

Thanks to the stylish women that wear it, we can confidently say that Mosebacke is a versatile garment that can be styled in a myriad of ways for different occasions. Whether it's for the office, a casual walk in the park, or a streetwear statement,  Mosebacke is the perfect raincoat for any style.

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