Commute Collection

The Commute Collection is a range of rainwear and accessories designed especially for cyclists. Inspired by the dedicated riders of Stockholm, who power through in any weather — we wanted to make it a little bit easier for urban troopers to get where they are going. It’s our philosophy that wet weather should never hold you back.

Practical and Flexible Designs

We have developed the designs of the collection to be as practical and flexible as possible. The raincoats Stockholm Bike and Norrbro Bike both feature zippers which expands the garment and adds more room for movement. The accessories in the range accommodate the need for flexibility when cycling and the weather changes – we offer seat covers, foldable bags and trousers snaps – all made from offcuts of larger products, leaving no unnecessary waste.

Safety First

At STUTTERHEIM, we take safety seriously. That's why we've made sure that all the styles in our Commute Collection feature reflective stripes and logo details. In Sweden, 40% of all road accidents occur while it’s dark out. By wearing garments and accessories with reflective detailing, you increase your visibility and can be spotted by a driver from a distance of 125 meters.