Long Raincoats for Women – The Ultimate Rainwear in Quality, Exclusivity, and Style

When it comes to premium rainwear, few brands understand the fine line between functionality and fashion quite like STUTTERHEIM. Steeped in Swedish tradition yet bursting with modern style, we cater to women who appreciate high quality, exclusive design, and a healthy dash of daring.

Our long raincoats for women are not only water resistant, they’re completely waterproof. Embrace the elements with a level of confidence only a STUTTERHEIM raincoat can provide. Dive into the selection of long raincoats for women and get your new STUTTERHEIM today:

Superior Craftsmanship - Quality that Speaks for Itself

Every woman knows that the secret to impeccable style lies in the details. When it comes to long women’s raincoats, the STUTTERHEIM women's raincoats embody the pinnacle of craftsmanship.

Maximum Waterproofing

Our rain jackets are meticulously tailored, with sturdy, waterproof fabrics that are expertly crafted with double-welded seams. Every raincoat features a +20,000 mm water column pressure, ensuring not only water resilience but maximum waterproofing. This way, we promise an impenetrable barrier against the rain.

And did we mention? Each of our rain jackets is designed in Stockholm and made in Europe, embracing the quintessential Swedish aesthetics and European craftsmanship.

But enough about the technicalities. Let's introduce you to our trendsetters.

Meet the STUTTERHEIM Women's Raincoat Collection

Mosebacke Long Lightweight Zip - The Ultimate Travel Companion

Light, packable, and completely waterproof, the Mosebacke Long Lightweight Zip is the ideal choice for those unpredictable weather days. This knee-length raincoat features an A-line silhouette, perfect for women that value comfort without compromising on style.

Norrbro Bike - Designed with Cyclists in Mind

Love cycling, rain or shine? Meet Norrbro Bike, an A-line raincoat made to endure the elements, with a unique design element; the back zip. This raincoat not only offers unbeatable protection from the rain but also ensures visibility and safety in the dark, thanks to reflective stripes on its sleeves and back.

Mosebacke Long - The Epitome of Timeless Elegance

Introducing your new favorite wardrobe staple. The Mosebacke Long, a classic knee-length A-line raincoat, brings together timeless design and unbeatable functionality, perfect for braving any weather in style.

Stockholm Long Print - Make a Bold Statement

The Stockholm Long Print is all about fearless fashion. This knee-length raincoat features a straight unisex fit and a large STUTTERHEIM logo print across the back, making it impossible to go unnoticed.

Mosebacke Long Print Opal - Fashion Meets Function

Looking for a raincoat that's as stylish as it is practical? The Mosebacke Long Print Opal, with its shiny high-gloss fabric finish and large STUTTERHEIM logo print across the back, brings a dash of fun to functionality.

Stockholm Long - The Classic Straight-fit

Last but not least, meet the Stockholm Long. This classic straight-fit, knee-length raincoat is designed to endure, making it a worthy investment piece for your wardrobe.

The Defiant Spirit of STUTTERHEIM

Defiance is a defining trait in every Swede and at the core of STUTTERHEIM. Our brand's heritage, the Stockholm archipelago's rugged beauty, and its thousands of islands inspire us. 

The island of Arholma, with its grey, stony shores, gave birth to the concept of the premium long raincoat for women. We envisioned a coat able to withstand the tests of time and weather, and our long raincoats for women, originally produced in small quantities and handmade in Stockholm, continue to echo this legacy. 

Today, even as production has expanded to Europe, our commitment to creating high-quality, durable, and stylish long raincoats for women remains unswerving.

Why Choose STUTTERHEIM - Setting the Bar for Premium Rainwear

Each STUTTERHEIM raincoat carries a unique story, rich in heritage, and committed to quality. Our flagship raincoats, the Stockholm and Mosebacke, are testament to our dedication to superior craftsmanship, innovative design, and timeless style.

Our raincoats aren't just about staying dry; they're about embracing the rain, turning a gloomy day into a stylish affair. When you choose STUTTERHEIM, you're not just choosing a raincoat, you're choosing a legacy of craftsmanship, quality, and style. 

After all, shouldn't every rainy day be a chance to make a fashion statement?

Frequently Asked Questions About our Raincoats

How Does STUTTERHEIM Ensure the High Quality of Their Long Raincoats for Women?

Stutterheim collaborates closely with a Europe-based factory specialized in workwear. We use a unique double-welding technique to ensure the seams of the raincoats are waterproof, and our fabrics pass a water column pressure of +20,000 mm, which is well beyond the standard threshold for waterproof garments.

What Makes the Stockholm Raincoat Unique?

The Stockholm raincoat, loved by celebrities like Kanye West and Jay-Z, is our most iconic jacket. It was the first industrially produced coat by STUTTERHEIM, featuring double-welded seams for complete waterproofness and a minimalist, versatile design.

How is the Mosebacke Raincoat Designed to Better Fit Women?

The Mosebacke raincoat is designed with a feminine silhouette. It features a unique A-line design, form-fitting over the shoulders, and flaring out from underneath the bust. This design complements female curves and makes it a favorite among icons like Julia Roberts and Selena Gomez.

Where are STUTTERHEIM’s Long Raincoats for Women Designed and Produced?

All STUTTERHEIM products are designed and prototyped in our atelier in Stockholm, Sweden. The manufacturing, however, is located in Europe, allowing for local production without compromising on quality.

What is the Inspiration Behind STUTTERHEIM’s Raincoats?

STUTTERHEIM draws inspiration from the urban landscape of Stockholm and the archipelago's bleak landscape outside the city. The brand combines modern Scandinavian design with European craftsmanship, embodying a defiant attitude towards harsh weather.

What Makes STUTTERHEIM’s Long Raincoats for Women a Good Investment?

STUTTERHEIM’s long raincoats for women are designed to withstand time and harsh weather. They are not only modern and stylish but are made from durable material that can last a lifetime, even transcending generations.


Embrace the Rain with STUTTERHEIM's Exquisite Range of Long Raincoats for Women

Rainy weather doesn't have to mean compromising on style. As a premier Swedish brand in the rainwear industry, we at STUTTERHEIM know this better than anyone. Specializing in high-quality and trendy raincoats, we pride ourselves on meticulous craftsmanship, unmatched quality, and unwavering dedication to the aesthetic appeal of each piece.

For women seeking a durable, full-length raincoat that combines protection, comfort, and style, STUTTERHEIM offers an extensive range of options, with multiple fits, lengths, and colors. Easily pair your long raincoat with a matching set of rainwalkers, and elevate your style even further with one of our waterproof tote bags

STUTTERHEIM: From Stockholm to the World

Conceived on a typically gray and rainy day in Stockholm in 2010, STUTTERHEIM was not only about keeping Swedes dry. The ambition was to merge contemporary Scandinavian design with European craftsmanship, all in the pursuit of the perfect long raincoat for women and men. We've expanded since then, evolving into a Swedish lifestyle brand that embodies Stockholm's urban landscape, with our products offering protection in all weather across the globe.

Despite our growth, each product's heart remains in Stockholm, where we design, prototype, refine, and redesign. We sustain a modern aesthetic with a strong identity, and our production, rooted in Europe, maintains a local focus without compromising quality.

Under the leadership of Creative Director & CEO, Lee Cotter, STUTTERHEIM continues to stay true to our ethos — crafting durable, timeless products, designed to outlive passing trends and withstand harsh weather. This commitment to creating long-lasting, long raincoats for women and men alike makes us proud.

Embracing Swedish Melancholy

Our Stockholm headquarters provide a steady stream of inspiration — an abundance of rainy days, overcast skies, and moody weather. This same Nordic melancholy influences our designs, echoing through our modern, classic, and functional garments.

Choose the Right Fit: Sizing Tips for Your STUTTERHEIM Raincoat

Choosing the right size for a raincoat can sometimes be tricky. STUTTERHEIM raincoats are not designed to be close fitting, so you will likely want a little extra room to layer garments underneath. And rest assured, the durable fabric and superior craftsmanship ensure that these raincoats are built to last.

Raincoat vs. Windbreaker: The STUTTERHEIM Difference

So, what sets a raincoat apart from a windbreaker? Simply put, while windbreakers provide protection against wind and light rain, a STUTTERHEIM raincoat provides superior waterproofing, capable of withstanding even the most torrential downpour. All of STUTTERHEIM's rainwear boasts of a water column pressure of +20,000 mm, making them more than just waterproof—they're designed to withstand even the heaviest of storms.

Versatile Range: A STUTTERHEIM for Every Woman, Every Man, Every Child, Every Dog, and Every Weather

STUTTERHEIM's range of long raincoats for women and men is not only extensive but also versatile. Whether you're cycling in the rain with the Norrbro Bike or making a fashion statement with the Stockholm Long Print, there's a STUTTERHEIM raincoat for every weather. Dress your child or even your dog in their very own STUTTERHEIM rainwear for a complete family look. 

From Minimalist to Feminine: The Many Faces of STUTTERHEIM

From the minimalist design of the Stockholm raincoat, embraced by the hip-hop community, to the feminine silhouette of the Mosebacke, worn by Hollywood icons, STUTTERHEIM's raincoats transcend traditional boundaries of style and function.


STUTTERHEIM's long raincoats for women are an investment in quality, style, and function. Made to withstand both time and the elements, these raincoats are more than just garments—they're a testament to STUTTERHEIM's commitment to crafting timeless, durable, and trend-resistant pieces.

When you purchase a STUTTERHEIM raincoat, you're not just buying a piece of clothing; you're investing in a product that blends Swedish artisanal tradition with modern fashion design. You're investing in a piece that will protect you from the elements, make you feel comfortable and stylish, and withstand the test of time, becoming a constant companion in your wardrobe for years to come.

Embrace the Rain: The STUTTERHEIM Philosophy

Rainy days will never be dreary again when you're sporting a STUTTERHEIM raincoat. Designed to make you feel just as stylish as you are dry, these long raincoats for women are the epitome of practical luxury. As the Swedish saying goes, "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes." With STUTTERHEIM, you'll never have to worry about the latter.

Enjoy the downpour!