How to Style Rain Boots for Women

As classic as they are comfortable, Chelsea Rainwalkers are our iconic rain boots for women made from 100% waterproof natural rubber. These wellies mould into shape with wear, creating the perfect fit – on your feet as well as in your wardrobe.


City Casual

For a trip to the supermarket on a grey day, take a cue from @themoptop and throw on a pair of Chelsea Rainwalkers in Black/White combined with a classic jeans and t-shirt ensemble, with the finishing touch of a Stockholm raincoat in a soft hue. Because when it comes to sleepy Sundays – simple is superior and less is more.

Slick Black

@kuleshova styles her Rainwalkers in Black/Grey with a lustrous black outfit in the form of Mosebacke Long Opal Black raincoat and Beckholmen Opal Black bucket hat combined with a pair of jeans that pick up the blue tones of the boots. For midnight strolls along the coastline, this is definitely the preferred look.


Pretty in Pink

@kait.younger makes dreary weather look romantic and cozy with her pale pink Mosebacke raincoat matched with simple black jeans and Rainwalkers in Black/White. This is the trick to overcoming dull days – dressing chic.

Black & White

@kait.younger also knows how to dress in style for rainy-day dog walks – matching outfits is the way to go. For this look, there is a black-and-white colour play happening, where the rolled-up sleeves of the black, slightly oversized Stockholm raincoat and the rim of the Rainwalkers in Black/White pick up the white hue of the Dog Raincoat.


Casually Chic

If you want to look chic, take inspiration from @annasofiadro – who skilfully creates an air of casual elegance with a no-frills Stockholm Long raincoat in black styled with black Rainwalkers, blue jeans and a statement purse. This is rainwear at its finest.

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