When to Wear a Yellow Raincoat

The yellow raincoat is an iconic garment. From old-timey lozenge fishermen on the cover of mint tins to Greta Thunberg representing a whole generation and their future – the yellow raincoat makes a statement. It’s bright, it’s brilliant and it’s never out of style. So when is actually a good time and place to don this golden mantle of rubber? We have listed some suggestions below.


For a Dogwalk

If you have the disposition for it, a statement piece like Mosebacke Yellow can be worn when partaking in even the most mundane of activities – such as taking your dogs for a walk. There’s no easier way to put some (admittedly, metaphorical) sunshine into your everyday life – even when it’s raining.

On a Road Trip

Match the autumn foliage and put on Stockholm Yellow when going on an October road trip through winding country lanes. Perhaps the destination is Vermont or any other place with a picturesque fall landscape, where you can fully channel the Christian Girl Autumn-vibe.


At the Fairground

Fairgrounds and theme parks, with their cotton candy, blinking neon signs and thrilling rides are places of joy and adrenaline kicks. Where better to vividly blend in, clad in a yellow raincoat such as Stockholm Lightweight Yellow? An added bonus is that you’ll come out the dry winner from the Splash Mountain water ride – and you can let your ice cream melt and drip all over you without a care in the world.

For Halloween

Throwing on a yellow raincoat is a quick way to create a Halloween costume that is easy yet effective. Yellow raincoats have been worn by iconic characters in many classic films such as Singin’ in the Rain, Jurassic Park and It, to mention but a few. It has even become somewhat of a staple within the horror genre, symbolising innocence and hope in otherwise dark, moody and, of course, rainy settings. So if you’re running low on ideas this Halloween, look no further than the spooky staple that is the yellow raincoat.


When You’re in Love

Although love might be more associated with colours such as red and pink, of the typical Valentine’s Day aesthetics, there’s no denying that yellow is a happy colour. And being in love usually means being happy. Yellow might also be a good colour to wear if you’re looking for love. This bright hue stands out in a crowd and might draw the attention of potential suitors – and it’s a shade that isn’t easily forgotten once you’ve been noticed. Remember the yellow umbrella in How I Met Your Mother and how it symbolised the intriguing mystery of true love?

Whenever You Feel Like It

The fact of the matter is, wearing a yellow raincoat is never really a bad idea. It’s a classic look that brightens up even the dullest of days. So whenever you’re feeling blue – wear your yellow raincoat.

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