Guide: Lightweight vs Original Raincoats

Did you know that we have a lightweight version of all our classic styles, such as Stockholm and Mosebacke? Stockholm Lightweight and Mosebacke Lightweight are available in the same colors and look the same as the regular versions – the only difference is the thinner fabric.

So why should you switch to a Mosebacke or Stockholm Lightweight, when your regular one works great as it is? Well, the benefits of a lightweight raincoat are many – the main one being that it is cooler, so if you live in a warmer climate (lucky you!) it is definitely the premier option. It’s also a great option for us less fortunate souls living in cold Nordic climates, during the short, but oh, so sweet summer months.

Packable Option

Another big perk of lightweight rainwear is that it’s packable. It folds up into small and light bundles which can easily go in your picnic basket or with the camping gear. This is an especially beneficial feature when the weather is unreliable and you’re not sure if you should pack sunglasses or a raincoat. The answer? Both!

Equipped with a waterproof zipper

And if you want some variation from the classics, we have the Stockholm Lightweight Zip and Mosebacke Lightweight Zip, both long and short. These variations keep the minimal silhouettes of the original styles, but instead of snap metal buttons, they are equipped with a waterproof zipper. This gives them a sportier impression and is ideal for rain rebels that are always in a hurry.

So when the skies darken… Lighten up your rainwear.

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