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Our Story

Melancholy, when embraced rather than feared, can be a powerful catalyst for creativity. With this maxim in mind, here begins the story of Stutterheim.

On the small island of Arholma in the Stockholm archipelago, Stutterheim founder Alexander Stutterheim discovered his grandfather’s old raincoat in a barn, shortly after he passed away. This classic fisherman’s raincoat, heavy, durable and timeless, provided the inspiration for the first Stutterheim raincoat, the Arholma, and continues to inform the modern interpretations we produce today.

We’ve come a long way since then, but we’ll never forget where this journey started. Follow in our latest footsteps below…


The second product release of The Private Designs is the refined yet practical A.Stutterheim trenchcoat, designed from fragmented childhood recollections of a similar jacket that Alexander’s grandfather wore many decades ago. Leaving his original fisherman’s raincoat on its hook, his grandfather would spend countless days working in the city with this trenchcoat over his shoulders.

The Stutterheim x Nº21 collaboration is launched. Together with the Italian fashion brand and their creative director Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Stutterheim has created two unique lightweight raincoats that are an aesthetic union where Stutterheim’s utilitarian style and minimalism meets the urban bourgeois wardrobe of Nº21.

The collaboration was first presented in June 2018, on the runway of Nº21 SS19 menswear show in Milan.

In early 2019, Stutterheim introduces The Private Designs – a creative project where Founder and Creative Director Alexander Stutterheim expands the brand’s rainwear offering into new product segments.

“It is a collection of iconic garments and accessories suitable for any modern wardrobe, inspired by my grandfather’s life and complex personality.”

The Private Designs consists of five different products that are launching separately throughout 2019. The first release in January is a heavy-knit turtleneck sweater, called Norrviken.


Our Vladimir Rainbow Raincoat is featured on Instagram’s official account, reaching 271 million people all over the world. This beautiful photo was originally shot by Natalia Seth (@escapingyouth).

The Nordic Museum, Sweden’s largest museum of cultural history, made Arholma a part of their permanent collection of “clothing & fashion”. The museum included Arholma in their collection as part of the preparation for an exhibition about fashion that will open in 2019.

The Dream Raincoat by Stutterheim x Happy Socks is introduced, and the call to embrace melancholy meets the mission to spread happiness across the world.

For the AW18 campaign photoshoot, Stutterheim work together with award-winning photographer Elisabeth Toll and principal dancers Nadia Sellerup and Oscar Salomonsson from the Royal Swedish Ballet. The result is a vibrant merging of ancient rain dances and Swan Lake, where the classic artform of ballet meets contemporary design and photography.

Stutterheim is now sold at 1500+ stores worldwide.

London-based brand Band Of Outsiders puts Stutterheim on ice in their AW18 fashion show. The collaboration of three coats is released in June.

stutterheim.com gets a facelift. Redesigned to make it easier for all customers to browse their way through iconic rainwear and melancholic thoughts.

Mosebacke Pale Pink is worn on screen by Amy Schumer, in the comedy I Feel Pretty.

In February, the Chelsea Rainwalkers were introduced. These handmade boots in natural rubber – produced together with Slovakian shoe maker Novesta – quickly became a best-seller.

”Inspired by the classic Chelsea boot, they’re an elegant (but just as waterproof) twist on your standard galoshes.” – The New York Times

The lightweight material is introduced – a way to broaden the permanent selection of coat, to include pieces that work just as well during summer days and in warmer climates.


Stockholm Navy is seen worn by actress Rebecca Ferguson, in the movie The Snowman, directed by Tomas Alfredson.

During the summer, founder Alexander hides from the sun in an abandoned factory that turns into a creative lab – the Stutterheim Clinic.

Singer and actress Selena Gomez is seen wearing a Mosebacke Burgundy in New York, on set for an upcoming Woody Allen movie.

The Stutterheim office moves to the heart of the city center. The headquarter for rain and melancholy is now located at Karlavägen 40. Rumor has it Swedish author August Strindberg used to live in the same building.

Melancholy Award goes to Frida Hyvönen.

Stutterheim teams up with iconic American outerwear brand Alpha Industries, and launches the collaboration together with four influencers, through wild posting campaigns in New York and Berlin.

The first capsule collection done in collaboration with Italian luxury brand Marni is presented for the AW17 season.

A collaboration of two graphic patterned coats designed together with Danish designer Henrik Vibskov is released, creating big buzz among fashion editors all over.

The Stockholm coat is spotted in a music video of South Korean K-pop band Bangtan Boys.

World renowned actresses Natalie Portman and Julia Roberts are both seen wearing Stutterheim raincoats.

Former Sales Director Peter Bergkrantz steps up as the company’s new CEO, bringing years of sales and leadership experience from the fashion business to the table. Bergkrantz takes over after John Laster who has seen Stutterheim through a steady growth since he started.

Alexander Stutterheim returns as Creative Director. He took some operational leave from the brand to start up the new eco-luxury label John Sterner, where they make the worlds best knitwear.


In November, an exclusive raincoat in celebration of the modern woman was introduced, designed in collaboration with French fashion blogger Garance Doré.

For the fall, Stutterheim collaborated with Japanese design company AS2OV on a limited-edition line of exclusive bags.

The space at Åsögatan 132 in Stockholm can no longer fit the growing collection. To allow more room for rainwear and melancholy, the store move to a bigger space just a few doors down the street, at Åsögatan 136.

Stutterheim travels overseas to open the brand’s second store, at 232 Mulberry Street in New York.

The Mosebacke as we know it today – A-lined with a flowing and feminine silhouette – was introduced, and quickly became one of our best-selling styles, protecting women all over the world from any kind of precipitation.


Stutterheim is now retailed in more than 1000 stores worldwide.

Between 2013 and 2015 the company grows from three employees to 20.

The AW15 collection introduces several new styles, such as the Södermalm biker jacket and the Skeppsbron peacoat, giving more width to the Stutterheim Luxury offering.

Exclusive Stutterheim x Whistles coats are released.


The Vladimir raincoat is introduced, to support love and equal worth for all.

Melancholy Award goes to Ane Brun.

Stutterheim keeps growing internationally with 400+ retailers worldwide.

Collaboration with Volvo Cars on the Stutterheim x Volvo Estate car cover.


No one melancholic enough to receive the Melancholy Award this year.

Partner Johan Loman comes onboard full-time as Marketing Director, after nearly three years of working nights and weekends with the company. He was a vital part in the founding of Stutterheim in 2010.

Stutterheim collaborates with Jay-Z and Barney’s for a special edition Stockholm coat.

Stutterheim grows and is now sold worldwide.

Kanye West is spotted wearing the Stockholm coat.


Melancholy Award goes to Bodil Malmsten.

The Stockholm coat is introduced. An unlined version of the original Arholma coat, still handmade with the greatest attention to quality.

Stutterheim outgrows the factory in Borås, and moves its production to a small factory in Europe. Contact with the factory remains close, with frequent visits and daily phone calls and emails.

John Laster becomes the company’s CEO and sets a new vision for Stutterheim. From being a hoppy project, Stutterheim Raincoats is now a proper company with sights set high.


Melancholy Award goes to Plura Jonsson.

The company grows too big for the tiny backroom behind the store, and moves to the 1700th century cabins on Skånegatan 108.

The business keeps growing, and starts retailing at Barney’s New York.

The business grows too big to be handled from Alexander’s living room, so the company moves to Åsögatan 132 where the Stutterheim store REGN opens its doors. The tiny backroom serves as studio and office.


Melancholy Award goes to El Perro del Mar.

The first coats are ready, all handmade at a small factory in Borås, Sweden. 200 Arholma Black make up the first batch. Alexander sets up a shop in his apartment.

Alexander finds his grandfather’s old raincoat in an abandoned barn on the island of Arholma in the Stockholm archipelago. He decides to make a modern version of the classic old fisherman’s raincoat.