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Our Production

Style and functionality

From day one, Stutterheim products have been designed in Stockholm and made in Europe. Our design philosophy is rooted in the idea that our pieces should be timeless, just like the original raincoat that began it all.
With our Swedish heritage is our heart, our landscape both natural and urban, are a constant inspiration. We have several core unisex designs, catered towards those who prioritise style and function – modern rainwear, made for life.

Textiles made to last

Our raincoats and rain-accessories are produced in rubberised cotton, completely rainproof. Our famed rainboots in 100% natural rubber are sturdy and designed for comfort and style.

The Stutterheim characteristic rubberised cotton fabric is produced in Europe; it features a cotton membrane that is covered with a rubber coating. Our original fabric is 530gr, but we have over time developed new, lighter fabrics, that have been designed to be packable, easier to layer and to facilitate trans-seasonal garments.

All Stutterheim textiles are 100% rainproof.

The Arholma raincoat - a work of art

Our most exclusive raincoat, Arholma, is produced in our premium 530 gram rubberized cotton fabric, skillfully hand-sewn with heavy thread. Instead of welded seams, the inner seams are carefully hand-taped to make the coat completely rainproof. Unique to the Arholma is its inner cotton lining, inner pockets and construction that reminisces of classic tailoring.

Talking uniqueness, the Arholma is, in fact, produced by three seamstresses that are especially assigned to produce this very special coat. Whenever we order the Arholma, these seamstresses are called upon from the neighbouring town to come and give their special knowledge. Each raincoat is numbered and signed by the seamstress responsible.


The technique used to assemble our raincoats, and many of our garments and accessories, are made through a process called double welding. This is an advanced production technique used to ensure that seams are totally rainproof. To achieve this level of quality, we have specialised personnel that are dedicated to Stutterheim, producing each and every garment that reaches the market.

In line with our goal to produce responsibly, we aim to produce enough to meet the market’s demand, creating only what is needed to avoid overproduction.