Origin Story - The Stockholm Raincoat

While working on our new Core Collection campaign and shooting all of our most iconic styles, we got a sudden urge to know more about the story behind this classic STUTTERHEIM coat. We turned to our CEO, Lee Cotter, for the in-depth origin story of Stockholm.

The Stockholm raincoat was the first industrially produced coat that we made – based on the same design as the original style Arholma, with some adjustments to make large-scale production possible. Our iconic double-welded seams were introduced with Stockholm, previously the seams had been hand-sewn and taped on the inside (as they still are with Arholma). The double-welded seams meant that we could ensure that the coats were completely waterproof while upping the scale of the production, as by then the demand had increased for our raincoats.

The minimalist design and clean look of the coats had caught the attention of many, including rappers such as Kanye West and Jay-Z, and with them being seen wearing Stockholm, the style was embraced by the hip hop community and streetwear fashion worldwide. The streamlined design, with the signature studded pockets, is loved by so many since it’s sort of a chameleon design – it works with all kinds of styles, from streetwear to preppy and everything in between, never taking over but always elevating the look.

Stockholm with its straight-fit silhouette, was originally a men’s style, but as its popularity grew, women started wearing it as well and it’s now considered a unisex style, worn and loved by all. The material, our sturdiest fabric, has almost a leather-like quality to it and is extremely durable against wear and tear. While the buttons and drawstrings might need replacing every few years, we dare you to challenge the fabric. We are confident that it will withstand the test of time and transcend generations.

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