Estate Svart


No scratches, no finger prints, just the perfect cover for your perfect friend.

The Estate Svart is a car cover made with inspiration from the Volvo Concept Estate. A design concept that spoke to me in its calm Scandinavian presence, immediately linking Volvo Cars to what we are trying to do here at Stutterheim. The cover is handmade together with the Volvo Cars design team using handstiched seams on a rubberized cotton fabric in the best quality. The result is a unique jacket for your favorite automobile, keeping it safe from outer demons, warm and ready for adventure.

For order inquiries. Please send an email.
The paths and philosophies of Volvo Cars and Stutterheim intersect at several points, both of us taking pride in craftsmanship, design and a Scandinavian heritage. Like our raincoats the cover is made with the utmost attention to detail. With handstiched seams it is something of a bespoke masterpiece.

For order inquiries. Please send an email.
As every cover is made to order you will be asked to provide the model and make of your car when purchasing. The Volvo Estate on the picture is wearing a custom size.

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