Stutterheim Trouser Strap Navy


Protect your trousers from chains and stains.


Commute Collection

Swedes believe there is no bad weather, only bad clothing – at Stutterheim, we live by this philosophy. As the melancholic heart of Sweden, we thrive in the rain, it’s our happy place – it’s a chance to pause and reflect, but we don’t let it stop us.


The Commute collection is dedicated to our like-minded trendsetters, the everyday cycling commuter: rain, hail or shine, they get on their bike and go.

To make that journey a little easier, we’ve designed a custom made capsule collection to keep you safe and dry on your daily ride.


Inspired by the bustling bike friendly streets of Stockholm and the environmental mindset that permeates Swedish culture, most of the Commute Collection is crafted using rest fabric from our raincoat production, all 100% rainproof rubberized cotton.

The Stockholm Bike raincoat is a variation of our iconic Stockholm style, with side zips and reflective features to ensure comfort and safety while riding on wet roads, it’s made to ride.