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The Original Premium Raincoat

Arholma – where it all began

The Stutterheim story began on the small island Arholma, home to an old fishing village in the Stockholm archipelago, about 80km (or 8 Swedish miles) north of the city.

Here is where Alexander Stutterheim discovered his grandfather’s old raincoat sitting in a barn. A relic from his grandfather’s days as a fisherman in the early 60s, the coat was heavy, black, durable and timeless in its design.

Inspired by his find, Alexander generated the idea of recreating a timeless, durable raincoat. This is the origin of the Stutterheim story.

Stutterheim – from idea to reality

Inspired by the quality and feel of this old coat, Alexander set out to re-produce a modern version of this classic – and so our first raincoat, the Arholma, was born. The original premium raincoat, designed in Stockholm, made in Europe.

Each Arholma raincoat is handmade from 100% rainproof rubberised cotton. It is produced by dedicated Stutterheim seamstress, with each one numbered and signed by its creator – making each coat as unique as the other.

The legacy

Today, we continue to produce modern interpretations based on this model and the ideas behind it. Made in our very own rubberised cotton, the classic Stutterheim raincoat is designed to be comfortable, durable, stylish and rainproof for years to come.

The Arholma raincoat is so timeless in fact, that it is today a part of the permanent collection of the Nordiska museet, Sweden’s largest museum of cultural history in the “Clothing & Fashion” collection.

To this day, our philosophy remains; create timeless style in uncompromising quality. Each product is designed in Stockholm and made in Europe.

To be continued