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Stutterheim Clinic
”I’m not an artist, and I will never see myself as one. However, I am a human being with a need to express my inner feelings." - Alexander Stutterheim
The Stutterheim Clinic Story

The desire to start up a creative lab had been residing within us for some time. This summer, the idea was realized through the creation of the Stutterheim Clinic. A place for us to explore our darkest thoughts and act upon our creative, and occasionally questionable, impulses.

”I’m not an artist, and I will never see myself as one. However, I am a human being with a need to express my inner feelings. That’s how I ended up spending most of my summer in an abandoned factory on the Swedish island of Öland, surrounded by 200 white raincoats and some black paint.” Our founder and creative director Alexander Stutterheim on the Stutterheim Clinic project.

The 200 experimental white raincoats arrived at the Stutterheim Clinic to be unboxed and taken care of. ”Dressed in black, I started the experiment by throwing black paint on the pure white raincoats, with my mind full of doubt. What am I doing here? How will this experiment end? Life is an unlimited quest and anxiety is the mother of creation.”

Countless throws of color, at least one nervous breakdown and a shift in seasons later we are ready (and somewhat proud) to open the doors to the Stutterheim Clinic for the first time, and show you what we’ve been doing.

Watch the full story:

Filmed and photographed by Spiros Karavas

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Stutterheim Clinic
”I’m not an artist, and I will never see myself as one. However, I am a human being with a need to express my inner feelings." - Alexander Stutterheim


Stutterheim teamed up with Italian luxury brand Marni on an exclusive capsule collection of raincoats. It resulted in an exclusive capsule collection including three women’s and three men’s styles.

In this collaboration, Swedish melancholy meets the avant-garde aesthetic and spirit of Marni. Mixing colors and patterns, the collection represents Marni’s experimental approach to design, while also reflecting the functional design of Stutterheim. The iconic cocoon hooded coat was reinterpreted by Marni, using the original Stutterheim Rubberized Cotton.

Swedish melancholy meets the world of couture.

Henrik Vibskov

For Spring 2017, Stutterheim collaborates with Danish multi-talented designer Henrik Vibskov, playing with the notion of Scandinavian creativity, resulting in two exclusive patterned unisex raincoats.

In many ways Henrik Vibskov’s designs stand in stark contrast to the iconic simplicity represented by Stutterheim, yet both are true representative of Scandinavian creativity. Through this collaboration the two approaches was combined, resulting in two styles with intricate patterns.

The basis of the collaboration was the classic Stutterheim Stockholm silhouette, reimagined by Vibskov through oversized colorful graphics created through an advanced patchwork method of double welding pieces of rubberized fabric.

Garance Doré

As one of the original fashion influencers to establish an online presence, Garance Doré is a strong, authentic woman with a seemingly effortless sense of style, making her the perfect collaboration partner for Stutterheim. The two brands collaborated on an exclusive women’s raincoat, released in November 2016.

The idea for the coat started with multiple layers of graphic shapes created by Garance Doré. These shapes morphed into an asymmetric, color block version of Stutterheim’s A-line Mosebacke coat. In combining the iconic design by Stutterheim with Garance Doré Studio’s unique visual language, a unique coat was created in celebration of the modern woman.
The coat was handmade in Stutterheim’s classic Rubberized Cotton in White and Garance Doré’s signature Pink, combined with blocks of translucent, rubberized material sourced from Limonta in Italy.


Stutterheim collaborated with British contemporary label, Whistles, on two unisex pieces in early 2015. For the first time ever, Stutterheim to teamed up with a clothing brand and this collaboration resulted in two versions of the iconic Stockholm coat. One in grey with white and black stripes on the bottom hem, and one in navy, contrasted with an orange/white hem.

“Whistles collaborations are about finding experts in the market and working with them to produce beautiful, functional, carefully crafted exclusive pieces”, said Jane Shepherdson, Chief Executive Officer of Whistles.

The coats were offered in navy with orange and white stripes, and grey with white and black stripes. The Whistles x Stutterheim Stockholm raincoats were only available at Whistles locations in the UK, as well as at

The Stutterheim x Whistles coats were two limited edition versions of our iconic Stockholm raincoat, created exclusively for Whistles in 2015.


For the fall of 2016, Stutterheim collaborated with Japanese design company AS2OV on a limited-edition line of exclusive bags.

Connecting through their affinity for functionality with a unique aesthetic, AS2OV and Stutterheim together created a collection featuring the Japanese bag maker’s three best-selling styles – the clutch bag, the daypack, and the backpack – all partly crafted from the iconic Stutterheim rubberized cotton. The three styles were created using contrast material and color combinations, working with Stutterheim AW16 colors such as Petrol and Burnt Orange.


Stutterheim collaborated with iconic Scottish whisky brand Glenfiddich, creating an exclusive, limited edition flask. The two brands, built on innovation and pioneers within their fields, found each other through their love of melancholy and rain. The collaboration resulted in an exclusive flask, allowing the user to enjoy their drink even in the most miserable of weather conditions.

”Creating this flask together with Glenfiddich felt only natural, as we are in the business of embracing melancholy, bad weather and potential anxiety.” says Alexander Stutterheim.

The flask was made out of tin and rubber, in a design inspired by Stutterheim’s iconic raincoats. The flask was available in Black, Burgundy, Green and Navy, drawing inspiration from Glenfiddich’s wide offering of whisky bottles.

Jay Z

Stutterheim X
Jay Z

For the 2013 Holiday campaign Barney’s New York turned to Shawn JAY Z Carter and Stutterheim to create a unique raincoat together. The collaboration resulted in a limited edition of the iconic Stockholm raincoat – a matte black version with golden details.

The Stutterheim x JAY Z was available at Barney’s only, in a limited edition. They were held in a special section of the store, where JAY Z had created and curated products together with Stutterheim, Balenciaga, Lanvin and a few other premium brands. Part of the proceeds went towards charity.

Stutterheim X
Jay Z


Stutterheim teamed up with Ouur Collection from the founders of Kinfolk Magazine, to create an exclusive version of the iconic Stockholm coat. Both renown for quality, the brands share the value of timeless and classic designs that hold true for better weather or for worse.

The collection showed a mix of the natural palette, the Japanese inspired simplicity of Ouur, and the dark, cold hue and Swedish luxury of Stutterheim. The result was two new color ways of the Stockholm coat. One in light sand with contrasting hem stripes in graphite grey and the other one reversed, with the graphite grey color as the body of the coat, with light sand hem stripes.

The collection was available in selected stores throughout Japan, as well as on


The Estate Svart is a car cover that was made with inspiration from the Volvo Concept Estate. The cover was handmade together with the Volvo Cars design team using hand-stitched seams on a rubberized cotton fabric of the highest quality. The result was a unique jacket for your favorite automobile, keeping it safe from outer demons, warm and ready for adventure.

Stutterheim deepened its collaboration with Swedish luxury car company Volvo, creating a limited edition version of our iconic Stockholm coat. The Stutterheim x Volvo coat was specially developed for the limited first edition release of the brand new Volvo XC90, which was only available in 1,927 individually numbered cars, referencing the founding of Volvo Cars back in 1927. The Stutterheim x Volvo Stockholm coat was gifted to the buyers of the 1,927 first edition cars. The coat was produced in premium rubberized cotton, with copper details and a unique tone-in-tone black inside and a matte black outside. The coat was delivered in a handmade box from Norrmalms Kartongfabrik in Stockholm.

The Stutterheim x Volvo XC90 coat was a limited edition version of our iconic Stockholm raincoat, created exclusively for Volvo in 2015.