Our production

Since the start of STUTTERHEIM, we have worked with the same Europe-based factory making our rainwear. We work very closely with our factory and production – it’s here that we make all of our classic styles such as Stockholm and Mosebacke. The factory, which is 100% solar-driven, started out by manufacturing workwear, we are the first and only fashion brand that they work with. Coming from a background of making durable and hard-wearing apparel means that the artisans at the production line have expert knowledge in making high-quality garments – this aligns with our mission of making durable clothes that outlast trends as well as the toll of time and wear and tear.

100% Waterproof

To ensure that our rainwear offers maximum protection from rain and wet weather, we use a technique to join the seams called double-welding. This means that instead of sewing the pieces of fabric together (leaving small punctures where the needle has pushed through), they are welded together in a process where the seams are melted with heat, joined, pressed and cooled. This means that there are no gaps or punctures in any of the joins – and there is no way for any water to seep through. 

Water column pressure is the industry standard way of measuring how waterproof a fabric or garment is. It indicates the amount of pressure a fabric can withstand before water penetrates it and is measured in millimetres. The original testing technique, which the name derives from, involved a testing tube (column) which was filled with x amount of water. The lowest water column pressure for a garment to be considered waterproof is 6000 mm. All of our rainwear has a water column pressure of +20 000 mm.