Brand Ambassador: Christian Hillborg

Meet our brand ambassador, Swedish actor Christian Hillborg. Born in Stockholm, he rose to international recognition with his role as Erik in the acclaimed show The Last Kingdom. He has also appeared on shows such as Fleabag and Bron (The Bridge). A long-time collaborator with STUTTERHEIM, we approached Christian with a few questions about his work and his view on our brand and products.

“Learning how to shift between nothingness and something-ness is the key to acting, to be able to live through the transitions with patience and equanimity.”

“On The Last Kingdom we used a whole week to rehearse and shoot one scene that was going to be shot in a ”one-take"; the abduction of the princess Eathelfled. The repetitive rehearsal process of this long, gruelling scene, actually taking place outside in the rainy fields with our boots sinking into the mud, really put us in the right mindset. The authenticity of the set-up helped me feel like I was living and breathing the situation and the character.”

“Allowing yourself the time to create an authentic narrative and image is not to be taken lightly in film production if you want to communicate an authentic and truthful story. The same goes for creating other hardwearing products, like STUTTERHEIM’s raincoats.”

“That’s the brilliance of making something enduring and practical yet exquisitely smart and fashionable. It’s quite funny how often someone from the team on a set has asked about my STUTTERHEIM raincoat. I'm not surprised that the word of STUTTERHEIM is spreading and your coats can be seen on people across the world.”

See more of Christian this autumn in the Netflix show The Playlist, where he portrays Martin Lorentzon, the co-founder of Spotify. He also stars in the Swedish rom-com RSVP and the Netflix drama Stromboli.

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Photography by Niels Zonnenberg