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A Story Of Swedishness

Swedish melancholy at its driest

The Stutterheim story isn’t complete without talking about the country and culture that formed the foundations of who we are.

Sweden is a nation famous for many things, but being extroverted isn’t one of them. Culturally, we are quite reserved, we take our time getting to know one another. We are realists with a love of deep conversation and a dark sense of humour, and we don’t believe in bad weather – only bad clothing. This is how we survive the darker days and even darker nights, we thrive in melancholy.

A note on Swedishness

Melancholy. It’s our way of owning the quieter moments; we’re comfortable with clouds overhead because it’s an excuse for reflection and creativity, it’s where the magic happens. Arguably, Scandinavian design wouldn’t exist without the melancholy moments.

We are deeply connected to our environment, it is central to our design process, and Scandinavian design in general. From the white bark of the birch tree to the deep green of towering pines, Stutterheim products are created with natural beauty in mind. We strive for quality and timelessness, but always with a willingness to grow and evolve with time. Our raincoats are made to be worn everyday, aimed to effortlessly elevate any outfit.


Our insistence on stylish functionality can be traced back to our roots in Stockholm. The Swedish capital is home to our HQ and it’s where we design and create; inspired by the famed sartorial streets of Östermalm to the streetwear of Södermalm.

A city of islands braided together by bridges and ferries, it’s no surprise that the Stockholm archipelago carries with it a long history of sea trade and fishing. This legacy and the classic fisherman’s raincoat is what led to the birth of Stutterheim, and remains an inspiration today.